a healing technique through channeled energy by touch

Certified Reiki II Practitioner - Study under Usui Reiki Master -Houston, TX

Reiki Sessions available by appointment only.
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     The Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is a specific form of Reiki practice that allows the student to have contact with the energy of Reiki. By laying hands in self treatment and the treatment of others. This system of practice is described in the 4 Aspects and 9 Elements, through the teachings of Mikao Usui.

     Reiki is a Japanese concept translated as "Universal Life Energy". The phrase coined by Mikao Usui to describe the energy that he had contacted through years of self-preperation and dedication.

     Usui Shiki Ryoho has been passed down through this lineage and in so doing the practice has developed through the influences of the social events, the personal passion of the lineage bearer, and the guidance of Reiki as the value of long term practice becomes evident.

Treatment Process:
-The session will be approximately 60 minutes, which includes body scan and hand placements.

-Chakra Reading 30 minutes, done prior to treatment.  Chakra reading additional service 90 minute Treatment

-Chakra Reading includes all seven major energy centers using a pendulum and explanation of pendulum direction.

-The Reiki session consists of 12 hand placements and 5 minutes per position. 4 head placements-eyes, ears, occipital lobe & throat. 4 front torso placements-heart, solar plexus, belly/abdomen & hips. 4 back body placements-shoulders, shoulder blades, lumbar and sacrum.

-Please be fully clothes during treatment, loose fitting attire will be most comfortable.

-Please use pillows, bolsters, blankets if you feel you need them or have them close by if you choose to use them during treatment.

-Please feel free to talk and ask questions during treatment. Feel free to be silent or to fall asleep during treatment. Eyes can be closed or open. This is for you and best if you honor your feeling. You may even narrate your experiences, if you choose.

-I may ask you to breathe deeper from time to time. Especially for any areas that feel blocked.

-At the end I do a sweeping motion over you to discard of stagnant energies released during session. 

-After session eat chocolate, nuts or yogurt to ground you and drink plenty of water for the following 24 hours.

Setting an Intention. Ask yourself these questions:

-How are you feeling?

-What are your physical health concerns?

-Are you happy?

-Is anything disturbing you?

-What are your expectations of this treatment?

-Do you want to make changes to your perceptions?

-What pushes your emotional buttons?

-What are your current most troublesome fears?

-Do you have normal sleeping patterns?

- Are you an excessive worrier?

The above questions are so that you are able to decide for yourself what you might want to set as an intention for your Reiki treatment. Please do not feel that you need to share with me or anyone. You can set a general intention of "For the highest good of myself."

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