200 HR Yoga Teacher Training 
200 HR RYS Yoga Alliance

          This unique alignment  and vinyasa based program is highly organized and structured creating a high caliber learning experience. 
Email: mcomegys@gmail or call 713-446-3357

          Become a certified Yoga teacher in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. This is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. Deepen your practice, learn more about yoga and learn to teach yoga.

  Melanie has has perfected her skills as a Trainer in adult learning environments since 1993, with experience in teaching others how to teach. Her highly organized and structured style makes learning easy for students. Her specialty is taking hard to understand concepts and simplifying the information for others to easily grasp. 

She has designed a curriculum that is inclusive to many styles and flavors of yoga. This is a supportive environment that is conducive to growth and transformation. This training feeds all parts of the yoga student: mind, body and spirit. So there is something for everyone. 

With the many different lineages and styles of yoga included in this training, one can expect a well rounded objective experience. Participants will receive a broad base knowledge of yoga that is the most current and up to date with the yoga teachings in our world today. 

This approach prepares the student to have a wider range of teachings. It allows for the student to discern  for themselves what they choose to teach from the many different styles that they learn from. This style of teaching helps students to better identify the types of yoga that are being practiced through out the world today.

Curriculum Includes:
-Traditional/Classical/Modern Yogic Texts
-Subtle Body Energy
-Alignment, Vinyasana (flow), Restorative, Yin, Ashtanga
-Business of Yoga
-Yogic Lifestyle
-Specialty Yoga: Kids, Prenatal, Gentle, partner
-Yoga Ethics & Philosophy
-History of Yoga
-Pranyama and Meditation
-Group Building

The approach used in this training is aimed at feeding the student in all different areas of self: mind, body and spirit. Each student may relate differently to subject matter being presented. With this in mind you can expect the following in this training:


Adapting poses per personal capabilities and range of motion
Physical challenges that each style of yoga brings to the student
Endurance through time spent in asana practices 
Strength, flexibility, balance through postures


Intellectual teachings that inspire self study 
Skills of concentration and active listening
Mental challenges that transform and evolve analytical skills
Growth in logic and reasoning skills


Supports skills of personal discernment 
Conducive environment in attainment of personal best
Given tools to use when working through demanding information
Demonstrates how to have fun and be playful during challenges


Devotion of self to one's own practices 
Unwavering faith in the process
Fosters unifying community through working in a group setting
Energetic awareness

And so much more!